Friday, January 20, 2012

Misted Fern

Hello and happy 2012!  We were just about to get back into the swing of things after enjoying a fun filled winter break when the sickness came, first the little one, then me.  We are finally feeling better but this cough doesn't want to leave us alone.

I don't have anything new to share with you but I do have some pictures of a dresser I made over a while back.  Do you remember the silhouette plate I made in the fall?  Well here it is hanging in our little hallway with a few other plates I picked up here and there.

This dresser acts as our linen closet overflow, mostly holding sheets, pillow cases and table cloths.  It made its way here when the guest room became the nursery.  It's old and the drawers don't work all that great for a kid's room, it's one of those two handed opener and closers.

This is how she looked when I found her in a little shop years ago.

It definitely needed some color, something fun so it didn't blend in with the walls anymore.  Misted fern by Benjamin Moore to the rescue.

Sample pots come in handy for all kinds of projects, especially since someone removed the feet from this dresser.  Suggestions are welcome to get this girl back on her feet, I'm kind of stumped.

I thought I would end up buying new hardware or painting the existing ones but after trying a couple on I really liked it as is.

Dressers are wonderful for extra storage in any room of your house.  In my dream home I would have one in the entry too.  You could even use one as a buffet in the dining room, or use one in the kitchen or the living room...ok...I'm getting a little crazy here so I'm off to bed early again tonight, I'm still trying to get caught up on my sleep.  Have a wonderful weekend!

I'm sharing with Miss Mustard Seed at her Furniture Feature Friday party.