Monday, January 31, 2011

Playroom Paint

I get emails on occasion asking for the paint colors we used in the playroom.  So I thought I would share them in a post inspired by the Nesting Place paint party.

We'll start with the wall color, I used Benjamin Moore's Aura paint in Caribbean Mist. Aura paint is my favorite, it covered really dark red walls in here with just two coats. You can read my post about the incredible Aura paint here where I share a few painting tips and some of my favorite painting music. You have to have good music playing when you paint right?

The trees and birds were painted by Mr. 65th Avenue using Olympic paint from Lowe's. The tree trunk and branches are Kodiak and Guacamole was used for any green.

For the white leaves we used leftover trim and bookcase paint. It was Home Depot's Fresh Aire line. I didn't have it tinted, it's just off the shelf white. I wouldn't buy it again because it was so watery and hard to work with but it's a no voc paint so it was worth a try. I do have to say that the paint on the bookcases has held up really well considering the everyday abuse...I mean use. ;)

The little birds are Sweet Taffy by Ben Moore that I had Lowe's tint in a sample size Olympic paint. The music note and beak were done with paint pens that you can find at craft stores for a few bucks.

It's nice to have all these colors listed together in one place...I never wrote them down so I was always running down to the basement looking through paint cans when someone asked for them, I would always forget one of them. I'm silly like that!

Looks like we might get snowed in tomorrow and Wednesday, that could be fun...or not. It's been a while since we've had a big snow storm like they are predicting.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday I'm in love

Happy Friday! Today I am in love with this fantastic idea from My Sweet SavannahMelaine bought a big pretty basket from Ikea that is just the right size to hold a cooler! When we have parties we usually use a cooler for extra drinks and I have to tell you, coolers just don't do it for me. But this basket does!

Are you loving this adorable corner in her dining room?

I can think of a lot of things to store in there when we are not entertaining. I really need to make a trip to Ikea, how about you?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spring branches

Hello everyone. You would think some of my projects would be checked off my list since it's been so cold here and we have been stuck inside lately. Nope. The trim around all the doors still need to be painted and the back hallway that leads to the basement and the door we use everyday still needs paint and a new floor. I guess February will have to be my month to get the boring stuff done.

Meanwhile, I have been thinking about bringing spring inside.

       Martha Stewart

Spring is pretty far off for us here in the Midwest so I try to stay sane by bringing spring inside whenever I can. Fresh flowers are great but flowering braches are even better. They are so dramatic and beautiful!

Martha Stewart

Almost any spring flowering shrub or tree can be forced indoors. But some of the more popular spring branches for forcing are cherry, dogwood, forsythia, magnolia, pear, pussy willow, serviceberry and redbud.

The only one I have tried so far is branches from a magnolia tree. I might try something different this year too.

Southern Living

I found a great step by step if you want to give it a try Here.  Have you ever tried it? It's easy to do, you just have to be a little patient. I will share my flowering branches with you once I get them started. Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Super Cute valentine take two

Are you looking for a cute and easy Valentine to make? Something so cute everyone will think you are a creative genius? Last year I was looking for Valentine ideas and came across Alissa's blog. She so smartly made her Valentine's by taking pictures of her girls and simply attaching a lollipop.

We made them again this year to hand out to the little one's pre-school class.  You can check out the picture we used last year here.

Time for a sucker break...

I used the chalkboard wall as a backdrop and used chalkboard pens because they don't smudge and the color is nice and bright.  I was inspired to write the Happy Valentine's Day bubble after seeing Lauren's post @ Simply LKJ. She took some cute pictures of her girls at Christmas time in front of their chalkboard wall.

 Here is how I made mine...

1. Take a bunch of pictures with your child holding her arm out with a closed fist.  (Bribing the child with ice cream or a sucker might be necessary to keep the photo shoot going with a happy face.)

2. Pick the best picture and have them printed.

3. Use an exacto knife to make two small cuts for the sucker to slide into.
4.  Put a piece of tape on the back to hold the sucker in place.

5. Package them up to send out or bring to school.

6. Watch everyone ooh and ahh over your super cute Valentine.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Old house love

Hello. My name is Londen and I am obsessed with old houses. I have been oohing and aahing over them for as long as I can remember.

Sometimes when I get an idea in my head I just can't seem to stop thinking about it. Thinking about buying an old house and scouring has become my new obsession.

Old charming homes on pretty tree lined streets....especially if it's within walking distance to a cute little town. A strolling type neighborhood where you can see a variety of vintage homes like craftsman, American four square and cute cottages just by walking down the street or looking out your window.

Country Living

One that might need to have some work done...well, maybe not that much work.

Country Living

A house we can work on and make our own...again. I would love to find something that has a hideous kitchen so we wouldn't feel bad about ripping it out and starting from scratch.

Cottage Living

Now don't get me wrong...we love our little house and the town we live in. It's within walking distance to the little downtown and the train that will take you right into the city.

If only we could move our much loved Sixty-Fifth Avenue to a street where the majority of houses weren't built in the late forties, fifties and sixties. The funny thing is the town we live in has homes that were built in the 1800s and has charming vintage homes too. There are just not enough of them and they don't go on the market very often.

Better Homes & Gardens

Only time will tell if my daydream will even happen this year or next. There are lots of pieces to the puzzle that need to match up first. I just wanted to share my crazy thoughts with you. Hope you're staying warm where you are, it has been very cold here in the windy city.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Silly me...I forgot to tag a few other bloggers to share their 15 Fascinating Things. Oh well, this gives me a great excuse to share a few fabulous blogs with you.

First is Amy from The Pineapple Room  Amy's husband built her an incredible little house made out of old windows!  I love this!

Next we have Stef from Girl Inspired  Stef creates the most amazing cakes and cupcakes and just opened her etsy shop selling gorgeous little girls clothes. Trust me, you will be inspired when you visit her blog!

Last but not least, we have Sara from August Fields  Her newly built home is absolutely gorgeous! She even put in a drinking fountain for her cool!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Monday, January 10, 2011

15 fascinating things...

I was tagged by Cassie @ Primitive & Proper to reveal 15 things you might not know about me. This came at a perfect time since I have been thinking about how I come across here on my blog. I don't think I let my silliness or sarcastic nature come out enough and would like for you all to get to "know" me better.

Ok, here we go....please don't hold me to the fascinating part, this may not be very exciting.

1. When I first started Sixty-Fifth Avenue, I didn't tell anyone I knew for a couple months.  I was so shy about it for a long time...and I'm normally not a shy person.

2. While we are on the subject...Mr. 65th is the one who got my blog started for me. I had been talking about it for a while but wasn't sure how to get started or if I was ready....I am not very computer savvy. (One time when I first started, I accidentally changed all the font white....I thought I wiped out all of my posts for an hour or so. Mr. 65th thought that was hilarious. It is pretty funny!)  I guess he got tired of me talking about it because one night he grabbed the computer and got me all set up in about a minute.  Sixty-Fifth Avenue was named after the street we live on.

3. I worked in the dental field for many years before the little one came.

4. When I was a little girl I wanted to be a professional figure skater.

5. I am a total chicken. Or scaredy cat...whatever you want to call it...that's me. For example, if Mr. 65th is traveling overnight for work, I don't sleep very well at all.

6.  This one goes along with number five.  I hate to fly. I do it because I love to travel but I always think the plane is going to crash. Bad turbulence brought me to tears once....embarrassing I know.  Once, on a long trip, Mr. 65th surprised me with a little gift once it started getting rough. I was so surprised and excited I snapped out of being afraid.  From then on, he has been giving me a little something special every time we fly.

7.  We were engaged for only two months. Mr. 65th proposed in August of 2002 and we were married October 30th. 

8.  We were married on the island of Maui. We already had our trip planned and had talked about how wonderful it would be to get married there so we made quick plans.  I wouldn't change a thing!

9.  The little one came four years later. She was born seven weeks early because of liver was starting to fail. As soon as she came via C-section I was fine. The little one did great too, she only stayed in the Nicu for eight days. That was one of the scariest times in my life!

10.  I am an only child.

11.  I love Mexican food and margaritas. 

12.  I watch the bachelor and bachelorette.  I can't help myself. 

13.  I don't enjoy cooking.  My Dad is a wonderful cook and is finally realizing I won't take after him in that aspect.

14.  We have music playing at our house all the time. We do a lot of dancing too.

15.  I dream of owning my own shop set up in an old house. I would sell my painted furniture and pretty things for the home and garden.

Do you have something you want to ask me? Ask away! I would love to answer any questions about myself.

I'm at "Honey We're Home" today

You can find me at Honey We're Home today as part of Megan's organizing series. She has a fabulous blog and had a fantastic line up of bloggers sharing their tips last week with more inspiration to come.

I will be sharing a post about how we keep our toys in order.  Hope to see you there!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Embracing the snow

Welcome 2011! We have a brand new year to start fresh...I always love a fresh start don't you?  How can I be a better mom, wife, friend and daughter and make this year fabulous? These are some of the things I have been thinking about lately and want to strive for.

Our holiday was nice and long since Mr. 65th took time off after Christmas but I'm just now getting back into a regular routine.

I get a little sad once it's all over since we have the long winter ahead of us, so we try to embrace it and get outside to play and get some fresh air...we get cooped up here in the Midwest.

Mr. 65th avenue and I have been snowshoeing for years and were excited to get the little one out there again. We took her out last year and she did ok but this time she really loved it! She even wanted to conquer a good sized hill all by herself and after a few tries she did.

The woods are so beautiful in the winter and it's fun to see all the animal footprints crisscrossing though the trees. It's great exercise too.

Well, I am off to get some organizing done. I'm hoping to pack up lots of things for goodwill in the next few days. I feel like I have to get things in order before any new projects get started.

If you want some motivation to get your home organized stop by Honey We're Home.  Megan is running a series of posts dedicated to getting organized for the New Year. I will be her guest Monday January 10th sharing tips on how to keep the toys in order.