Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Butterfly Birthday Party

Well it's official, our baby girl is six years old.  Sometimes when I see someone with a baby in their arms I think, I had one of those once, where did my baby go?  It really does go by fast!  Our birthday girl wanted to have a Butterfly Party this year.  I kept it simple with flowers and little touches of nature.   I had a lot of fun putting everything together for her special day.

The dining room table became craft central while I hot glued paper butterflies to ribbons and moss to a wooden number six. 

All the girls had butterfly wings waiting for them on their chair.  The wings and clip on flowers are from Halo Heaven.

A big bowl of crayons and paper butterflies were on the table for coloring.  The masks are from party city. 

For the other side of the dining room I forced Forsythia branches inside.  I brought them in a week before the party and because of our crazy warm March weather they bloomed overnight!  I didn't think they were going to last but luckily they did. 

A birch log with holes drilled into it hold a Happy Birthday message.  The butterfly shaped cards are actually thank you notes that come with pretty envelopes found at Target.  I used them here and on the buffet, I love the colors and still have enough cards to send out.  Hot glue to the rescue again.

I made chocolate butterflies from a mold I picked up at a cake supply store.  The candy is so easy to make and it's yummy too!  I got the idea to use the log as a holder from this pin.  Amanda has some amazing party ideas on her blog. 


I had a little pot of tulips in this urn and decided it needed something more so I added a few store bought lilies and Red Bud branches from our tree.  I bought water tubes from a craft store and stuck them right into the dirt to hold the lilies and branches in place.

I was inspired by Shelly at the House of Smiths to use these small jars for kids drinks, they are the perfect size for small hands.  Mr. 65th drilled a hole in the center and filed it smooth to hold a straw.  I used a few envelopes from the thank you cards to cut out butterflies for the girls names.  Paper straws are from Shop Sweet Lulu.

I am proud to share with you the first cake I have ever baked.  Well, I did a test run before the party to make sure it turned out ok so this is technically my second cake.  I was inspired and encouraged by my friend Stef who blogs at Girl. Inspired.  She is a girl with many talents...she sews, bakes, decorates and throws incredible parties.  Stef did a post showing how to make a really cool colorful cake here...I followed her directions but made mine pink ombre.

Little ones colorful headband was made by this Etsy seller.

We had such a fun day! Thanks for hanging out with us.