Monday, January 11, 2010

Super 70s Ceiling

That's what I called our living room ceiling for about 3 years and hated it every time I looked at it. We enlarged the plaster doorway going into the kitchen the first weekend we moved in. Why didn't we drywall over the ugly ceiling when we took down part of the wall and make only one huge mess? That's called not thinking it through.

Look at that artwork!

So when we finally got to the point where we were going to install hardwood floors, I said we have to drywall that ceiling first knowing it would never get done once the floors were in.

This is one project we did not want to tackle and paid someone else to do the job. That's called thinking it through.

I have always wanted a chandelier in the living room and now that the ceiling is looking up, I convinced  asked my hubby to hang one for me. He was not sold on the idea at all but changed his mind, right honey?

My husband laid the floors with the help of his brothers (cheap labor) and me. It took a few weeks but doing it ourselves saved lots of $$$$.

All new beefed up baseboards came next. I will show you pictures with furniture soon.