Thursday, February 11, 2010

Super Cute Kids Valentine

I came across Alissa's blog and fell over myself for the Valentine's she made. She is such a talented photographer and so creative, I just had to borrow her idea!

This was so easy! The hardest part for me was getting the little one to hold her arm out with her hand closed. Alissa had her pictures printed as a 4x6 with some "Happy Valentine's Day" text done in Photoshop. I just added some stickers to mine.

Next I used an exacto knife to cut a slit at the top and bottom of her hand and slid the sucker in. I secured the lollypop in place with some tape on the back. Done!

Here they are all boxed up and ready to hand out to her preschool class. Thank you Alissa for being so darn smart! Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. thanks! yours turned out fabulously!

  2. Oh my goodness you clever girl you! Your little girl is just as cute as can be! I see that the adrenaline is still running. Mine too! Love that idea and I like how you interpreted it. I am saving this idea to send some valentines to grandparents next year!

  3. I've seen these around blog land and LOVE them! Your's look so GREAT!

  4. These are absolutely adorable! I'll have to bookmark for my little girls next year. My oldest daughter did the ipod ones...a kitkat wrapped up like an eyepod with hershey hugs as the earbuds. So fun. I'll post a pic later.
    Thanks for popping over to my blog!

  5. Those are too precious...if only I'd seen them 3 days ago.
    Happy V-Day weekend to you. :-)

  6. Those are great I am going to have to save this for next years ideas. I wanted to come by and thank you for your sweet comment on my blog post. It is readers like you that make this journey so much fun and interesting. I only hope I can keep giving the readers what they will enjoy. So far I am having so much fun, thankyou again for always coming by and reading and taking the time to comment. Kathysue

  7. That is such a great idea! So cute. I'll have to remember that for next year.

  8. That is THE BEST idea!!! I'm completely stealing it for my daughter's birthday...thanks so much for checking out my blog today.

    Hope you visit again.


  9. I just came across these Londen, and they are too cute! A great Valentine, but I think I might use the idea for Sophia's birthday in August! Thanks for sharing.