Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Favorite Paint

While I was painting the dining room I knew I would do a post about my favorite paint. I had another amazing experience painting over dark walls so I had to share with you.

What I love about Aura paint from Benjamin Moore....

It has a built in primer. Yes, this paint is pricey but you are saving money by not buying a separate primer.

You are also saving time. This is what my wall looked like after one coat of paint. I knew going in two coats would be needed for the best coverage though.

I love that it's a low VOC paint and the odor is mild and dissipates quickly.

Using this paint is a little different to use. For best results, trim out along the ceiling and baseboards first. Then go back and roll it on. You can even come back and roll the next day and it will blend seamlessly.
It dries very quickly so you want to put it on the wall and leave it. Don't go back over it like you might with other paints.

Did you know you can wrap your paint brush and roller in plastic wrap and store in the fridge until the next day?

When I mentioned this to my friend who is no stranger to a paintbrush, I was shocked when she told me she didn't know about this tip.

While I'm talking about tips and tricks, here is one I had to use when I realized I didn't have another disposable tray liner. I lined my tray with a few layers of tinfoil; in a pinch it worked ok I just had to take my time. You could also use a plastic bag.

This time around I found out that Jimmy Buffet is great painting music.
Van Morrison will get you in a good even groove.
Bob Seger will have you daydreaming away.
Ray Lamontagne is always a good choice.
And I always listen to Crosby Stills Nash and Young when I paint.

How about you, do you have favorite painting music?


  1. i love that paint, too! it is worth the price.
    and i actually like to paint in silence. i am surrounded my noise every day, noise from my kids, and music in my classes, and i like to just have some zen moments to myself while i paint! :) but i do love van morrison- into the mystic might be my fave. and i love me some zach brown band.

  2. Those are great tips. I knew about the bag over the roller, but never thought about lining the tray with something. Duh, that makes perfect sense. Just about any music moves me. Sometimes it's classic rock. Sometimes 70's and I must admit that rap can help me move around pretty quickly on occasion ;^)

    Happy painting, cheers as we tap paint rollers.


  3. Thank you for sharing your paint find! That will save me tons of time. I love Benjamin Moore paint :) Your walls look great so far too!


  4. Great tips for painting! I didn't know about the brush and roller being stored in the fridge tip...WOW that will come in handy!!! Nothing better than a little Stones music for painting even though Bob Marley can really get me in a relaxed mood for trimming out those walls! Thanks for the tips!

    Your soon to be painting a whole new house friend...YIKES!

  5. I love these tips. My hubby came home the first time I painted and found a roller and tray in the fridge. I told him it was dinner. I love the tinfoil trick too. I always have tinfoil but not an extra liner. If you punch a hole in the rim that the cover slides into, you will keep paint from building up in that channel also. No more painted on lids.

    Every time I paint the Stones "Paint it Black" runs through my head. I don't know why.

  6. Maggie, you always crack me up! Thanks for the tip.

  7. ... oh yeah ...the builtin primer!!!
    we're rockin now Ben!

  8. Great painting tips! I love the idea of a built-in primer. :) Thanks so much for the visit today. :)

  9. We used that paint for Big Kid's room! The dude at BM said that it is the easiest paint to clean out there. Hooray!

  10. While I've never tried that particular paint, I have to say that I LOVE your music choices. ;) Sounds like a playlist on my ipod. Nice tips!

  11. love your music recommendations!

    never tried that paint, but i am sure i would love it.
    hey, i just read below that you are painting a chalkboard wall...you'll love it!

    can't wait to see the finished look!

  12. Dire Straits Greatest Hits & Huey Lewis!
    (Great beat and you can dance (paint) to them!)
    Love your blog!

  13. Oh goodness, our house is all Ben but don't know this one...thanks for the tip! I do the paint brush in plastic thing but not the roller pan, you are a genius!! Did I miss the finished room? Can't wait to see it !

  14. French Basketeer, you did not miss the finished room. Things are moving slow here at Sixty Fifth Avenue!

  15. I'm with you! LOVE Aura paint. So what's the color you're using? LOL xoxo

  16. RLG, the color is oatmeal by Ralph Lauren. The paint store had it on file.

  17. Hi 65th! Stopping by from the CSI project. Aura is my go-to paint, too. Instead of wrapping in plastic, a pro painter told me to put my brush in water overnight to be ready to go in the a.m. Will try that soon when I paint the entryway.

  18. My newest trick is using a large foil pan, like those used for chaffing trays. I line that with foil and it's my go to paint tray. It holds more paint, deep, sturdy and no worries if I get it all messed up.

  19. Thanks for the recommendation, I've been wanting to try a primer and paint in one!


  20. Hi Londen,

    Great tips! I have used the wrap the brush before thanks to my mom. I HATE cleaning up after I paint. Never thought of foil, ingenious! Thanks for mentioning the paint, I am repainting most of the house and every room is taking nearly 3 coats of paint and I am painting over light colors. Paint used to be better, so frustrating... Can't wait to see your finished dining room! I paint to Guns & Roses or U2.

    Best wishes,

  21. hi londen,

    i love aura too. my whole house is dipped in BM simply white aura.

    i paint to only one man. jack white. he gets the job done.


  22. that paint is gorgy--can't WAIT to see the final product! i always love listening to bluegrassy folk during painting projects. Fun! Thanks for the tips! My mom swearrrrrs by the bagging-and-refridgerating trick. Makes it so much easier to stop for lunch! : )

  23. Love, love, love your music choices!!! my personal fav is Van Morrison...My husband usually goes for the oldies:)

  24. I love the paint tray lining idea - (duh!) Tom Petty would help me get through the project! Fun post and useful, too!

  25. BM is the only way to go! It truly does cover better than any paint I have used before! It is worth every penny...you will end up spending more and working more with cheap paint. I am thrilled to have found your blog, BTW! Tons of inspiration! Your home reminds me of ours...it needed a total makeover! Now that I have painted every room, I am ready to repaint and redecorate all over again! Ha!

  26. great to know! we have used the SW green paint but the coverage is awful. Used it anyway just for the benefits though.

  27. Thank you for your compliment! I was wondering what paint to use for the new little house~ you sold me. I am not a fan of painting , so I don't have a music choice. So, I will use yours!
    Have a pretty day!

  28. Oh we are so meant to be BFFs! I just used the Aura paint (before I saw your post) on three different rooms and I'm HOOKED! Never again will I buy the cheap stuff. And although I've painted everything in our house (about a million times), this is the first I've heard of the refrigerator trick!!! I always throw my brushes out and start over... and that gets expensive! Thanks so much for the tip!!!!!! Enjoy your pretty new paint.

  29. Hi,

    I'm going to write down that paint because my littlest's room is glowing Pepto Bismol pink and I may need something to cover it. And I've always done the bag around the brush/roller, but I didn't know about the fridge thing - interesting.... I'm going to email you those pics when I have a chance. I did take a few...

  30. I haven't used that paint yet, good to know it works so well. I also put my brush and sponge rollers in the fringe, lol - saves so much time and money!!

  31. Between the two of us and those music choices, I think we could get some serious painting done. In addition, I'd have to add The Kinks, Sufjan Stevens (more modern version of CSNY with touches of some bluegrass and a smooth, mellow voice), Bad Company and some Wilco.

    I've been trying to find great no/low-voc paints that don't require several coats and this is a great tip. So far, Rodda Horizon paint, Martha Stewart, Dutch Boy and Olympic all take at least 2-3 coats on top of a primer to get the paint to stick (at least to furniture).

    What kind of paint sprayer do you use? (I'm a newbie to your blog, so this may be in an older entry).

    Anyway, thanks for the tips!

  32. Great job and awesome tips!! I need to try that paint. Madonna would be my music choice!!!