Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mirror, Mantel & Chalkboard Paint

The dining room still isn't finished but I thought I would show you a part of it that is. Remember that giant gold frame and mirror I found at a garage sale for fifteen dollars? It was painted a while ago and now it's finally hung.

Here is a reminder of the frame before paint.

I painted it a fresh white and hung it over our faux fireplace mantel. A few ferns from the garden are a simple arrangement until I can figure out what to do for fall.

This is the mantel before I painted the walls Oatmeal, the same color as the rest of the house. Living in a small bungalow I wanted better flow between the rooms.

I was inspired by Rie at Home & Harmony to paint the inside of the mantel with black chalkboard paint.

A sponge roller is the key to a smooth finish when you're using chalkboard paint.

I usually don't use tape when I paint because it always bleeds through somewhere, so I take my time instead. Using black paint changed my mind this time so I tried Frog Tape. It worked great! Better than I expected.


Here you can see a little peek of the gallery wall I started working on.


A few of the frames still need to be painted and pictures need to be printed. Hopefully I will check that off my list this weekend.

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  1. It looks great but you should paint the molding below the black paint black also.

  2. Thanks anonymous, yes, that is on the list to finish too.

  3. You're home is so lovely! Love the fireplace! I think the molding looks fine as is personally. We painted ours underneath with the chalkboard paint, but then decided to paint it the molding color (white). I'm still not sure which I like better. I think it can go either way. Thanks for sharing!

  4. londen, that looks great! i so wish i had a mantel or any semblance of a fireplace. how fun for your kids while you are hanging out. and how fun to write little holiday messages.

  5. Love it! You could add lanscape bricks along the bottom for a hearth. Looks great as is! Very creative!

  6. Looks FABULOUS....Love the mirror so so so much! I love how awesome the gallery wall looks in the reflection of the most beautiful mirror in the whole world. :-) Can you tell I MUST have the exact same one for my dining room to go above the vintage dresser you must find and spray up for me.

    P.S. I kinda like the way the chalkboard is trimmed out on all four sides. Makes it pop and not sure how well the molding would look painted black???

    Great Job!


  7. So pretty. I love the simple yet lovely look you have.

  8. Love your fireplace... Faux or's sooo darn cute.

    Warm blessings,

  9. I love it Londen. Really, really beautiful. I have always wanted a mantel. Still looking...
    The mirror make-over is gorgeous!
    hugs to you

  10. It's looking incredible! Love the chalkboard paint...think off all the possibilities! The gallery wall is stunning...can't wait to see it up close.

  11. I just adore this spot. You are so smart to put the faux fireplace there. I had a spot I should have done that to in my former house.

  12. I can't believe how huge that mirror is...and for only $15! I love the chalkboard paint in the "fireplace" and I think it looks good as is--with the baseboard white. I like the way it frames the chalkboard. I recently painted chalkboard paint one of our doors (in the panels) and I find myself looking around to see what else I can paint with it--that stuff is addictive!

  13. Great use of space. Everything looks amazing. Can I come over for tea? xoxo

  14. That is the perfect mirror for that space and I love how it reflects the gallery wall. I think gallery walls are so hard to do well, but I can tell that yours looks fantastic. Can't wait to see a closer pic so I can see what frames and pics you used. p.s. loooove the big baby face in the "before" pic of the mantle.

  15. thanks for stopping by 'my white chair' and sharing about your little one... it is so bittersweet that children grow so quickly! Your home is lovely and I adore the chalkboard paint.

  16. It looks great! I love your mirror and your chalkboard faux fireplace. Very clever! I'm in love with your mirror. What a transformation. You're doing a beautiful job on your room.

  17. It's looking incredible, Londen! I love the black/white combo on the gallery frames!


  18. That gold frame turned white... Incredible! That is so cool to have the chalkboard paint in the faux mantle! I am dying to put chalkboard paint in our new house... but where!?
    Have a pretty day!

  19. Wow! That looks fabulous. It's my most favorite faux fireplace ever.

    Go, you!

  20. What a great project! I love the idea of chalkboard paint there.

  21. Could you elaborate on the faux fireplace? Did you buy the mantle or build it or...? I want one so much! Living in southern Japan it is too hot for a real one even if I could import one.