Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I have been wanting to make a silhouette of the little one for quite a while now.  And after sitting down to make one I wonder what took me so long, this is such a quick and easy project. 

Maybe it was because I didn't have the right spot to hang one.  Then the other day I started playing around with plates for a plate wall and the light bulb went on.

You see, after I finished painting a dresser on a whim, it became clear that something new was needed for the walls as well.  I remembered seeing a tutorial on how to make a quirky silhouette plate, I just don't remember where I found my original information.

Before I share the newly painted dresser and plate wall, I thought a quick explanation of how I made my silhouette would be fun.                                                                             

First take a picture of your model...its ok if she seems unhappy about it...your project will still turn out ok. 

By the way, we got a siding delivery the other day so work will be starting on the house soon!

I had my picture printed as a 5x7 and cut it out adding some detail to the end of her pony tail.

Then I traced the picture onto scrapbook paper found at Michaels and cut that out.  Using a paint brush I applied a thin coat of mod podge to the center of my plate and pressed my silhouette in place with my fingers.  Oh yeah, I added a tiny strip of paper for an eyelash since my picture didn't have one.

After the first coat was dry I painted another one right on top of my paper silhouette.  That's it...let it dry and you're done. 


  1. Mod Podge is the best; I love the finished piece and always your creativity! La Petite does not look happy in the photo but of course we don't see that in the final! Great job!

  2. She is a cutie! It turned out lovely!:)

  3. It turned out great! Love that pouty face. Can't wait to see the finished project. Hope you are doing well.

  4. I've been putting off a similar project for a long time. Your's turned out great, I love that you put it on a plate.

  5. I am starting to see these around. I'm thinking it's a totally old idea turned new trend! May have to try my hand at it. Thanks for the tutorial! M.

  6. Fabulous way to silhouette! How cute is your little girl?? So sweet.

  7. Too cute! I have one of each of my children from years ago and they are two of my most cherished items!

  8. You have inspired me, she turned out perfectly!! I will try this soon!!

    PS Come let me know what you think of my Autumn decor and enter my New Giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  9. your version is fabulous! I tried this once using photoshop and it was a disaster. You've inspired me to try, try again. ;)

  10. Are they dishwasher safe?

  11. Your little one is the prefect model.