Sunday, March 11, 2012

A little before and after

We had a very exciting visitor stop by recently.  Actually she snuck in while everyone was asleep and took one of the little ones baby teeth. 

Here is the before, one of the very last pictures I have of my girl with all her baby teeth somewhat intact. 

The first tooth came out when we were in the car and a week later the other one fell out while hiking in the woods. I think she will always remember that story. 

As I was sewing her little tooth pillow I was hoping she would like it.  You see, I don't sew.  Ever.  But this was a special occasion and we had a tooth coming out any day!  I was thrilled when she declared her love for her new pillow.  It kind of looks like a five year old made it, but it was made with love.

That toothless smile just melts my heart!  This wonderful little person will be turning six in a couple weeks.  She has requested a "Butterfly Birthday Party".  I think I can handle that. 

Speaking of birthdays, I got a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious early birthday present yesterday.  My birthday is three days earlier than the little one. 

She emptied her piggy bank to get mommy the camera she wanted.  She and Mr. 65th gave it to me early so I can learn how to use it before her party.  I love early presents!

I took this picture last night while playing I just need to figure out how to blur the background like that again and I will be making progress. 


  1. Awwww, sweet girl. She's getting so big! I love that you sewed her that little pillow - she will definitely always remember! And how exciting to get a new camera! Fun fun Fun!!! Happy early birthday!

  2. How cute is that little munchkin??!! And HOW exciting about the visitor!
    Happy birthday to both of you. Have fun with your new camera....Santa brought me that very one this past Christmas.

  3. You know I love your pics of La Petite; surely you will ENJOY your new camera too!

  4. Fun - That last picture is awesome.

    I highly recommend Karen Russell's online photography course called Snapshots of a Good Life. It always sells out very quickly. I have taken a lot of on-line classes and this is one of the best. Actually, it is the best run on-line class I have taken.

    You can get the blurred background intentionally as follows: Change your shooting mode to Aperture Priority (AV). Use the dial to change the aperture setting to the lowest number (which is actually the "widest" aperture). To avoid a blurry or grainy picture (without worrying about the other settings on your camera) make sure you have some good quality light (like at a window or go outside) and position yourself relatively close to the subject.

  5. Wow Its lovely images of your baby. I like so much of your image. she looks very cute and beautiful.

  6. so so cute! she is adorable!!! congrats on the tooth fairy coming! :)

  7. I love the background blur feature on my camera! I was so happy to get my current one a couple of years ago after using a point and shoot for some time. She is too cute! Wait until she loses those two right in the front top! Happy Birthday to you and your daughter!

  8. So adorable! Happy Birthday to both of you!!! Love that last shot.

  9. Cute! Happy birthday to you and your toothless sweetie.

  10. Thanks for the tips Jeni, I will check that out!

  11. Happy belated birthday! Awesome birthday camera and your little one is such a cutie with those missing teeth :).

  12. Their looks change so much with loosing those baby teeth! Yay for the new camera! Have fun playing around!

  13. Awe, what a cutie and I love your tooth pillow/pocket! I made one for my daughter as well and she was quite pleased with it. ;)
    Have a great weekend and enjoy that fabulous camera.

  14. Have fun with your new camera! I was going to leave you a "how to get a blurred background" comment, but Jeni nailed it. If Aperture Priority is the only manual setting you ever use, you'll still get far superior photos than on the auto setting...especially if you learn how to take advantage of natural light. Photography is so much fun!