Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fairy garden 2012

Can you believe it's July already?  I really don't want this summer to fly by so I'm holding on tight!  Our little one was in half day Kindergarten last year so that means a full school day for her in the fall.  Not sure I'm ready for her to be such a big girl! 

Speaking of summer, we put the finishing touches on our fairy garden last weekend so I snapped a few pictures to share with you.

Our past fairy gardens were planted in a container so this year we tried something different and planted it under our maple tree. 

I got tired of throwing all the plants away every winter and starting over again in the spring so we
decided to plant everything right in the ground.  The groundcover should come back year after year and will be a lot more economical.

The river rock was an after thought when we realized a border was needed to keep the grass out and to help protect it from getting stepped on. 

The grass started blending in and it was looking a bit messy.

Much better don't you think?  Here are a few more pictures I had fun taking with my new camera...

And just for are the past fairy gardens....

Our first fairy garden- to read the full post click here.

Herb garden post here.

Fairy garden party here and here.

That concludes our fairy garden tour, thank you for coming.  Stay cool, it's a hot one!

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  1. Every year I say I'm going to do this too but I just never get around to it. I LOVE your idea and results with just creating right there in the ground so maybe that's the ticket for me.
    Great job again, I'm sure your daughter just loves checking on her fairy out in the garden!!

  2. I love these! Our local nursery started carrying the accessories this year.

  3. Your fairy garden is precious. As a child I would have sat there letting my imagination go wild! Probably could now, too! Love the river rock!


  4. Thanks girls!

    Lauren, funny that you say that because I see fairy garden stuff everywhere now since they became so popular! When we first started out, accessories were not as easy to come by.

  5. Very pretty! I love all of them! I did my first fairy garden this year and did it in a pot. I've been eying some of the miniatures on Etsy and will probably do something a little different next year. I'll still need to use the pot, since we downsized to a condo I have limited room outside, so a pot it is!

  6. oh my gosh! Those are the cutest! I have been wanting one... maybe next year. My yard is so sad with the heat right now. I love yours!! Those rain boots are adorable!!

  7. love the little boots in the garden. Too cute!

  8. I love it under the tree! Magical! And I love the look through years past. You are creating such wonderful memories for your sweet girl. A new camera is always fun and the photos are looking great!

  9. i just made my first fairy garden...not a big one. But I found some darling wire arbors at the nursery and teeny weenies...the name they gave the miniature plants! You were the first I ever heard of fairy gardens! I love it under the tree outdoors.

  10. Who knew I would have the opportunity to tour a beautiful garden today?

  11. What a cute idea! I need to find a spot for a fairy garden... <3

  12. This is completely adorable!!!!! I've never heard of this before but I love the idea so much!!!!! My girls would too. I love what you've done this year, and in years past. Need to work on this at our house in Seattle right now while the weather is nice, and before we head back to hot old Texas!!!!!! I bet your sweet girl is just thrilled with this.

  13. I am completely in love with the idea of fairy gardens! I wish I had done one when my kids were little! Your's are simply adorable, how fun for your daughter.

  14. so cute...what great memories you are creating for your daughter. I wish I had done this too!

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  16. That is adorable! I love the idea, and the tradition.

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  18. Haha wow the Fairy Garden Party is simply awesome, very nice Idea!
    Did you do them all on yourself or did local fairy gardeners bring their gardens?

    I like your blog, keep up your great work!