Thursday, December 6, 2012

giant pinecones for Christmas

Well hello there.  I thought I would pop in today and share one corner of our home that is ready for the holidays.  I have been trying to get some order to this crazy house full of Christmas boxes and everything else so I can finish decorating.  The dining room table is buried and the floor isn't looking much better!  Little by little right?

Yesterday I was spinning my wheels working on a few projects only to finish this ten minute arrangement using my favorite giant pinecones.

I had planned on using paperwhites but I didn't plant the bulbs in time so I picked up this flowering plant at Home Depot.

Small pinecones are good fillers for the empty spaces between the big guys.  I don't think there is a time of year you won't see a pinecone or two at our house, we kind of love them.

A quick draping of fresh garland and a Merry Christmas sign wraps up this little corner of the living room.

I'm off to find my dining room table and finish a few more projects.  Have a fabulous day today!

Sharing with Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality for her holiday vignette party.


  1. gorgeous!!! i just got some HUGE pinecones like that froma woman who was getting rid of them... she asked what i planned to do with them and i was like.... um, add glitter and stick on a shelf or in a bowl? like i was going to do something grand with them... they are perfect enough as is!

  2. You have a very festive feel going on and I love the window.

  3. that is lovely, fresh, and completely original!
    pinecones are one of my favorite go-to's!

  4. Beautiful corner in this room! I love those giant pinecones and they really make an impact with that arrangement.

  5. Beautiful. I love the natural look.

  6. Looks AMAZING! And wow what a fabulous window to use as a backdrop!

  7. I din't get any bulbs planted yet either, but I just love your solution and those pinecones are amazing!

  8. So pretty--love the draped garland. Merry Christmas!

  9. natural. I love the plant you got at HD. I get those at Trader Joes and they really last a long time!