Monday, April 29, 2013

Ice Skating Birthday Party

Our little one turned seven not too long ago.  We celebrated with a party at the ice rink where she is taking lessons.

Of course I had to put a pretty dessert table together for her special day. 

I made the cupcakes (super moist box mix) and chocolate ice skate suckers. The skates took quite a bit longer than I had planned.  When I bought the mold I thought it would be a fast project but I decided to add a second color.

I stuck the suckers into a piece of round foam, it reminded me of a skating rink.  Mr. 65th didn't agree with me:)  Oh well, it did work well to hold them up.

One of my favorite parts of planning this party was finding the perfect invitation

Serendipity Soiree offers one of a kind designer event and holiday invitations.  Catherine was wonderful to work with and I was very pleased with the quality.

The funny part is the little one's outfit almost matched her invites.  We didn't plan it that way but it was cute!

We loved the invite so much I had to go back to her shop and buy the cupcake liners.

I had a personalized bracelet made for each of the girls from a great Etsy shop called Stargazing Lily

They were reasonably priced and came out to be just under five dollars for each girl.  So much nicer than filling a party favor bag full of candy and little junk.

We rented out the small studio rink so we had it all to ourselves.

The little one and her friends had fun showing off their skating skills and had a blast!

I hope our daughter will remember her 7th Birthday when she is older and always knows how very much we love her.


  1. So sweet. Elie 7th birthday was a the rink, just after she first started skating too!! She was so proud to wear her first "real" dress (Amercian Girl Christmas present). Who knew that would be the cheapest dress we would buy!! LOL

  2. How funny Lauren! I have heard the skating outfits get really expensive!

  3. aw, what a sweet and memorable party! i am sure she will remember it forever! and her outfit was adorable!

  4. That is a great party...she is adorable and looks so happy! I love all of your little touches!

  5. Everything was so cute, but the birthday girl was the cutest!

  6. You did a beautiful job with all of the decor and food! And what a wonderful gift for the girls! Just so fun and thoughtful (beats candy!!!) What a sweet bean you have...I have no doubt she will remember this birthday!!

  7. That is such a sweet party. I totally agree - the round foam does look like ice ;) Your birthday girl looks like she had a great time!

  8. awww! What a cute party! I love it. And the personalized bracelets are such a sweet idea.

  9. How adorable! A skating party is such a great way for a birthday celebration!

    The invitations and party table look perfect as does The Birthday Girl!

    Art by Karena

  10. This looks like the best birthday ever....lots of fun skating, and I really love the tables...super cute!!

  11. Hi, would you recommend this party for a year younger? My daughter is turning 6. Her friends are all 5. Were you afraid the other kids could get hurt? Also my daughter cannot skate but wants a skating birthday party. Any advise?