Friday, August 18, 2017

Ikea Falov Sofa Review

When it comes to buying upholstered pieces, I go one of two ways; buy the very best you can afford and it could last a lifetime, or buy something inexpensive, knowing it will have to be replaced down the road. 

When I was in my twenties I purchased a floor model sofa from Ethan Allen for a great price. It was well loved for years until the fabric wore out and it needed to be reupholstered. Having large furniture reupholstered isn't cheap, I think I paid around two thousand dollars including the fabric about ten years ago. The cushions held up great over the years and they never looked squished or saggy but the piping on the seats was starting to wear out again. It was time to take a good look and decide if I was going to invest in this piece of furniture again and have it reupholstered for a second time. I realized I wanted something a little longer with a washable slipcover. 

I've been eyeing the slope arm sofa from Restoration Hardware but it had mixed reviews about the cushions not looking good after a while and I didn't want to take a chance because of the price. Then when Ikea came out with their new Farlov line it stopped me in my tracks. They are not identical but there are similarities. 

                                                                      RH Slope Arm Sofa

I was excited to check out the Farlov because the price is amazing, it has a washable slipcover and its really deep, which we like for lounging. I also like the simple arms, much less bulky than our previous sofa. 

The first thing I noticed about the Farlov was the fabric on the slipcover. It isn't very soft and has a weird textured look that I didn't like. I knew right away this sofa would be amazing with a custom slipcover. 

As far as comfort goes, it's definitely not as comfortable as the Ethan Allen sofa was, you don't sink into the cushions the same way. But the depth, single seat cushion and slipcover sealed the deal. I'm excited to have a new slipcover made from a company called comfort works. They make beautiful slipcovers for Ikea furniture and custom covers as well. 

I can't wait to show you what I chose! Follow along on Instagram if you don't already.


  1. What a gorgeous room my friend! Would love to see more of your lovely home.

  2. I want to buy the Farlov chair and ottoman.

  3. Do the cushions hold shape over time?

  4. So far so far so good! I’m still really happy with our purchase.

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