Saturday, July 24, 2010

Estate Sale Finds

Wow, this has been such a busy week for me, and for some reason painting the dining room took forever to finish. Nothing on the walls yet but it's painted. I did make it to an estate sale yesterday and picked up a few things. I bought a kitchen table with really nice chunky legs, two chairs and a cute little bench with a cane top. I will share pictures with you once I give them a little makeover.

The sale was at a cool old house in the woods. I had to keep reminding myself to stop looking at the french doors with wavy glass and all the old details you don't see in houses anymore and hunt for treasures. Because of my sightseeing, I missed out on two chairs that closely matched my set of four reproduction chairs. Darn it!

Another find were these plates.

I only wanted a few but the women working the sale wouldn't break up the set until the next day, so I waited and hoped they would still be there today.

I got two dinner plates and four small plates for two dollars. They were designed by Raymond Loewy and the pattern is called Script, aren't they pretty?

I'm thinking of doing a plate wall in the dining room. I've seen so many inspiring pictures and the idea has really grown on me. What's your opinion?


  1. wow- those are gorgeous!!! i love the pattern on them. great find!

  2. I've never seen those them. The house looks really neat!


  3. Those are great plates! Love the simple and elegant design. I think they'd be nice on a wall.

  4. Great finds. Can't wait to see more of your project.

  5. Those plates are beautiful! I'm a big fan of plate walls.


  6. Those plates are very pretty. I like plate walls, but I'm too lazy to do all the configuring! ha

  7. Gorgeous plates!!! Lucky you :)
    Have a great Sunday!

  8. The house in the woods looks enchanting and I sure wish I would have been there to see the french doors and gawk around missing all the great buys. Your plates are so pretty and will make a lovely grouping on the wall.
    I LOVE the dresser that you painted. If I lived closer, it would be so mine!

  9. love these plates and i think a plate wall is in order pronto! i love them and they are so easy and elegant. do it.


  10. love the plates and your finds sound fantastic!

  11. So glad you popped by and saw the sunshine award:) your blog is fabulous :)

  12. Those plates are fantastic and I say 'yes' to a wall display!


  13. Great finds! Those are perfect plates for a plate wall. Can't wait to see.

  14. Those plates are gorgy! Loves them!

  15. I cannot wait to see your dining room. And I would love to see a plate wall! I've been seeing those around, too, and liking them. But I haven't started collecting plates yet, just what I need, another collection . . . You always find such great stuff on your estate sale/yard sale days. I'm jealous. Two days in a row you got to go back, huh? That's hardcore!

  16. I love the idea of a plate wall, esp in a dining room...the scripty-plates are lovely and unusual! Can't wait to see how you beautify your other purchases....

  17. Love your finds!
    I am a big plate on
    the wall gal, so I
    say, go for it! I
    love all of your projects
    and where you take them,
    so please show us that
    wall when it's up and
    ready! Thank you for
    your sweet comment on
    P&H about my friend
    Kathleen's journey with
    cancer. Your words meant
    so much, to both of us.
    Big hugs to you, today!
    xx Suzanne

  18. I'd love to go up that drive to an estate sale. Must have been wonderful.
    Thank you for stopping by.

  19. Oh my gosh, these plates are to die for! You should totally do a plate collage for your wall. I love the looks of clustered plates and that pattern is absolutely beautiful.

    P.S. - Love the new look of your blog, btw!

  20. Londen,

    Good thing I wasn't at the sale I would have snatched up the whole set! Love this pattern, I have never seen it before.

    Best wishes,

  21. the plates are so pretty that I wish you bought the set and you sold them to me:)

  22. We have the same taste-those plates are perfect and what a steal!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment today. I love the look of your blog and remember one of the times I stopped by hear when I first saw it and has scrolled down to see that it was Kelly's work. She never seems to disappoint. ;)

    I hope you are having a lovely week!


  23. I love the fanciful design! What a fabulous find!

    I just found your blog and have enjoyed your posts!