Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chalkboard favorites

I am so inspired by all the great chalkboards you shared! I thought it would be fun to feature some of my favorites, so here we go....

If you combine flowering branches with chalkboards then you have my attention. Janet from the The Gardener's Cottage has a gorgeous home that I never get tired of looking at.

Michelle from Vintage Junky turned an old painting into a huge chalkboard.

Her talented husband does some amazing chalk drawings. Check out the owl themed Birthday party they had for their little guy is really cute!

 Polly put together an adorable room for her son.

Kendra at House of Ficek created a cute play kitchen for her son complete with a chalkboard.

Tammy from Tinsel & Company used twine and clothespins to displays her little one's artwork.

I'm loving this gold vintage frame from A Vintage Vine

Lisa from Shine Your Light had a very smart idea to use a shelf to catch the chalk dust and hold pieces of chalk.

How cool is this old mantel? Caroline has six of them in her home!

Kristen from Just Live Simply drew a gorgeous chandelier on her chalkboard that she made for just seven dollars!

Cassie from Primitive & Proper gave this armoire from Craigslist a fabulous makeover. This piece would be perfect for a mudroom don't you think? 

Ok, I am now realizing that I can go on and on because I love them all! Here is just one more...

I love this idea....Julie from Less Than Perfect Life Of Bliss made these beautiful magnets out of old brooches for her magnetic chalkboard.

Thanks again to everyone who played along! Talk to you soon.


  1. I love Janet's chalkboard! Great song! And thanks so much for showing off our chalkboard!

  2. Thanks for featuring my chalkboard! So glad you are back from the trip...have a great week!

  3. Awesome!! Makes me want to break out the chalkboard paint again.

  4. FANTASTIC ideas here ... Plus, I can't wait to check out all these blogs! Every single one of them is new to me -- Guess I know what I'm doing with my Monday morning. :)

  5. how fun!! looks like i missed the chalkboard linky party...bummer!! but here's mine anyhow:
    xo, katie

  6. I need to do another chalkboard project! That chandelier totally has my number on it!

  7. How inspiring all these projects are. I must say, I love the free-hand chandelier a lot.

  8. How fun! I'm still stuck on that chalkboard ART from Vintage Funky!


  9. Londen, since you had your chalkboard party and I checked out everyone else's great ideas, I think I've added 3 more to my house (as if we needed more!) I'm obsessed with chalk! Thanks for the shout out! Loving that chandelier!

  10. oooh i love that gold frame at a vintage vine, too! gorgeous! great features, and thank oyu so much for including my armoire! :)

  11. have created a monster! My little sister isn't really into all the decorating stuff. But since your chalkboard party...she's gone nuts! LOL...she has my Dad making her chalkboards and she has even bought chalkboard contact paper (i didn't know there was such a thing). definetely sparked her interest!
    Oh p.s...i keep forgetting to tell you...the sand on the treasure chest was made with the spray foam from the hardware store called...Great Stuff. It also makes cute cupcakes..just spray it into cupcake liners..than paint it when it dries.

  12. loving these!! and thanks so much for becoming my 50th follower, made me smile today!!!! careen xx

  13. Londen, I'm glad you made it home safely. My little chalk board seems so boring compared to all of these great ones from your party. Great inspiration for sure!


  14. Great ideas and they are all so amazing! I love how everyone uses the paint in different ways, the possibilities are endless!!

  15. wow, wow. so many great chalkboards. the basketball hoop is brilliant. the best part about this was checking out so many new blogs. i never join 'parties' such as this and see i'm missing a lot of great blogs out there. thanks londen.


  16. Thanks so much for including my chalkboard in your favorites!

  17. WOW - So MANY chalkboard ideas and inspiration here! Love the world of blogging and sharing... it's amazing how versatile the same concept can be.

  18. Love all of the chalkboard inspiration! The ledge is such a great idea for chalk dust...the only downfall.

  19. Welcome home and thanks for the mention! We spent Valentines Day at the Magic Kingdom it was perfect. I hope you had a great time. The weather was beautiful.

    Best wishes

  20. Thanks for putting this together - there is so much inspiration there!

  21. Hi Londen,

    So fun to see all these. I love Janet's from Gardener's Cottage and the basketball one behind the little boys bed is so cute!


  22. What a wonderful round up of cool chalk boards. great idea with magnet brooches.
    Following you :)
    Mary Ann