Monday, February 28, 2011

mudroom inspiration

Is it Monday already? This weekend we started sprucing up our back stairway/coat and shoe drop off area. You know how a few pretty pictures can motivate you even if the space you're working with doesn't look anything like your inspiration? That is what I have going on here by the way.

We have a side driveway and a side door that leads up into the dining room or down to the unfinished basement.

Southern Living

This is the way we come and go everyday so it gets a lot of abuse, especially since most people are holding on to the wall while they get their shoes on and off while trying not to fall down the basement stairs. Not very functional or pretty, but it's what we have to work with.

source unknown

We are tying to come up with a solution to keep the shoes off the stairs. This drawer is pretty clever.

Photo by Janis Nicolay

The before pictures are too embarrassing to show you just yet...but I will share some soon. Everyone who has been here for a visit knows just what I'm talking about, it's really ugly.

Photo by Michael Partenio

For example, when we installed a new exterior door over a year ago, we removed the molding around the door and never put it back up. I didn't think it would take us so long to start working on this space.

Martha Stewart

Today I will be doing some painting for the stair sprucing project. I promise to share some progress pictures with you soon. Have a great day today!


  1. oh im embarassed to show our mudroom. i need to revamp that corner :)

  2. I am sure it will be fabulous once completed! You don't even want to see our office right now!! We've been playing musical furniture in several rooms of the house along with accessory swapping...the castoffs have all ended up in the office!

  3. Sounds like it will be good! Look forward to seeing it finished....Ater you are all done you will need to do another linky party like the chalkboards so we can all show off our "mudroom" revamping!!

  4. Can't wait! Mudroom pictures make me wish for a house somewhere that having a mudroom actually makes sense. I need a mudroom really bad. Just to put up cute pegs and lockers and stuff.

  5. I need one. And in a bad way. The sand and boots are making me crazy!

  6. I wish we had a mudroom...we don't even have a foyer, you just walk right in! I keep a basket near the door for shoes, and soon it overflows. I could also put hooks up, but that would overflow, too! lol!

    I'm looking forward to seeing your project!


  7. i love that drawer idea! i need to do that in my house!

  8. Sounds like a fun project! Can't wait to see what you do.

  9. I wish I had space for a mudroom. I'm really loving the first and fourth pictures. Beautiful.

  10. Love the inspiration photos! Makes me want a mudroom.

    Can't wait to see what you do with it all :)

  11. Beautiful inspiration photos...the drawer stairs are TOO cool!

  12. Oh how I can relate to this. We also have a side entry that leads into a tiny landing where there are stairs going up and stairs going down. It's all carpeted (yuck) which is, of course, filthy. There is a tiny closet with no door and about 5 different finishes: brick, plaster, plywood, you-name-it. Not to mention baseboards of varying heights.

    I will bet you five bucks mine is uglier than yours.

    We gave it a paint job a few months ago to freshen it up but it is still hideous.

    Can't wait to see your before and after photos!!

  13. Sarah, I would love to see pictures of your sounds very interesting :) At least you have a closet, that is where we are struggling.

  14. Ha Londen! You will love your ugly before pics when you have finished the project! We all have ugly spaces, well most of us do, and so try to remember that. You will inspire us with those darn ugly pics!! Can't wait to see what you do...

  15. I think we all have a project or two like that in our home. I know I do. If it makes you feel any better I gave our basement bathroom a mini face lift over a year ago, yet the lightswitch face plates still haven't been replace since we need to add spacers to them - horrible right!

    I'm looking forward to seeing how you tackle your entry. I could use a few idea's for mine. wink. wink.

  16. Some great images, and I completely relate to having rooms too embarrassing to show until you've got your 'after' shots. :)

  17. love your inspiration photos...they are so pretty...can't wait to see your after shots too

  18. Thank you for the photos! I am trying tofigure out what to do with the little house ~ the coat closet , etc. I will be putting photo's on the house blog soon showing what I mean.
    I love the drawer in the stairs also! I want V to build a drawer in the bottom of the stairs in the living room for extra blankets!
    Have a pretty day!

  19. Love these and I so wish I had a mudroom big enough to do something fun and pretty! Loving the first image so much!