Wednesday, June 22, 2011

miniatures for the Herb Garden

After planting the fairy garden I couldn't resist adding a few tiny accents to my herb garden. I let the little one know this is my special garden and to please leave the little goodies where they are. :) So far she has been very respectful since she has her own miniatures to play with. I'm really liking five years old...she is getting to be such a big girl but still little at the same time.

I went crazy for these little rubber boots and tiny pots when I first laid eyes on them.

This year I planted cilantro, rosemary and thyme. The chives are sitting in a pot waiting to be planted in place of the Alyssum flowers...I like to use them as a filler. I took this picture May 23rd right after it was planted.

Herbs grow so it is today sitting on a shiny new deck. Mr. 65th wanted me to do a post titled one man, one deck and a fifteen dollar drill. He is such a dork!

The huge pot is from Target. I'm loving copper these days. I really want to have the roof of the portico done in copper but it's so expensive, even for a tiny roof.

FYI...our Target still had a few of these pots and they are on clearance incase you love it too.

On another note...I had some comments and emails asking where we found the accessories for the fairy garden. We found ours at the Pure Gardener in Geneva IL. I did find a great Etsy shop called the Garden Barn that sells adorable sets to get you started Here. 

One of the miniature garden kits from the Garden Barn.

I have noticed that a lot more garden centers are selling miniatures so you could always check around town too.

Have a fabulous day!

Sharing with Kate @Centsational Girl for her garden party.


  1. aw the little miniature wellies are my fave! so cute!!!

  2. Haha! Not a bad title for your hubby's post! : ) Love your little miniature's. I'm going to check out that site since I was inspired by your last post on them.

  3. I love it!!! I think I am going to have to do a little garden. Those mini boots are adorable!

  4. I love the look of copper too! Your fairy gardens are lovely!

  5. Aw, that's too cute! Oh and I love that copper pot too.

  6. Ha, so hubby wants to steal the show?! Great title however!! Loving all the miniatures! The wellies are adorable!

  7. I love how you planted those pretty white flowers amidst your herbs. I have yet to plant my herbs and must get to it soon. Thanks for the inspiration! Such cute miniatures!!

  8. Your pots are so pretty and the miniatures darling. I have just started to see these pop up and I'm loving them. I can imagine how hard it is for a five year old to not play with mommy's cute things!!

    You have reminded me to get going on my herbs...they are always the last thing I get to and I could be cooking with them by now. BTW, I love Geneva...I didn't know you were in that area!


  9. So cute! My kids would just love this! :)

  10. That is the most adorable thing I've seen yet. Oh my.

  11. You so have me on a garden miniature/fairy garden kick! They really add so much and are so fun for little ones. I'm thinking of putting together a "fairy garden kit" for my 5 year old cousin for Christmas.

    Thanks so much for the idea! You always prove to be a wealth of inspiration!!

  12. These are so cute! The kids would love if we had a miniature garden....Miss Sarah just asked me the other day if our pond frogs live in house after they get I could say of course they do :)

  13. When the kids are five years old it's a great age because they are independent enough to do most things but they still listen to you. Teenagers on the other hand don't listen to you sometimes.