Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Pillows for the outdoor family room

Our outdoor pillows have seen better days so I started looking for something new.  I was getting frustrated with my search...they were either too big, too poofy, too expensive, the list goes on.  So I reached out to a sewing friend hoping she would whip up a few pillows for me.  I even looked into buying a sewing machine so I could learn how to make my own pillows.

Both good options, but I wanted to have this space put together yesterday if you know what I mean.  Summers are short here in Illinois so it's good to be ready when the nice weather arrives.

Over the weekend I made a last minute stop to Pottery Barn just to take one more look.  That's when I saw the clearance table in the back of the store filled with outdoor pillows. 

Pillows that were hiding in the storage room since last year waiting to be sold on deep discount.   I brought home a bunch and played around with a few combinations until I settled on what you see here. 

The parrot chinoiserie pillow called Carmello and the Bhotah pillow were both $11.99.  They are not available online but some stores still have them in stock.  They would be great inside too, the fabric is very soft.

I planted a few succulents just for this spot but realized they won't get enough sun here. 

So I moved them to a sunny spot in our yard and brought them back on the deck for pictures tonight.  Lowes has a nice selection if you are looking for them.

This hens and chicks succulent are from the fairy garden last year and lived on my nightstand all winter.  Maybe I should try keeping the new plants up here for a bit and see how they do.  Hmmm....

 If you're curious, Here  is a link showing what this space looked like a couple summers ago.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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  1. i love the green planter and love the pop of color the pillows add!

  2. The space looks so inviting - I just wish I could hang out with an iced tea and chat! Major score on the pillows!! Though it would be fun if you bought a sewing machine and learned to sew - you would make some incredible things!!!

    Enjoy the nice weather!

  3. Well, it looks like you're ready to me! Great find on the pillows.

  4. The pillows are beautiful! I love that you got a deal on them! They look perfect in your outdoor family room...I would spend a lot of time out there!!

    Love your green pot with the succulents...they are getting so popular here, maybe because they are so easy to keep happy! :)


  5. LOVE your color scheme! Everything is so cool and clean. :D

  6. Love the new pillows. Finally tried my hand at using succulents and so far so good. I thought of you today while at our local nursery...they had garden fairy kits. Love!!

  7. Yippie - love a good Pottery Barn sale! Great combo of prints too - such a fun, inviting space.

    I lucked out at HomeGoods on some outdoor pillows last weekend ($10 each) - but they aren't nearly as fabulous as yours!

  8. Cute cute pillows! I am throw pillow challenged, so it is fun to see what you have doneL and I love the fabric. How I wish I had that green thumb of yours...

  9. They're perfect! You were in the right place at the right time! Your deck looks fabulous...enjoy!

  10. Love your Pottery Barn score pillows! The fabric pattern is just fabulous. In fact, your outdoor space is so inviting ... and since I live in Chicago I may be stopping by for some refreshments and to check out those pillows up close and personal!

    ... so happy that you shared with us all at our Great Outdoors link party!



    P.S. I've been 'collecting' Chicago area bloggers on my sidebar so I'll be adding you as well ...

  11. Your new pillows are so much fun! I love Pottery Barn and the outdoor room will be wonderful for coffee in the morning!

    Thanks for linking up to the party!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

  12. I love the pillows and that little green planter. What a great space. Thank you so much for linking up to our party!

  13. It's looking lovely out there!! The green planter is my favorite - I love a little succulent garden. And those pillows are perfect.

  14. the cushions are adorable- divine print! Well done!

  15. It never fails. Changing fabrics is still one of the most subtle moves to bring a distinctive change to any living space. I love how you played it. :D Put away the plains for a while. Be bold with prints! I believe they show better reflections of the homeowners. ;D

  16. Love the pillows - the chinoiserie print is gorgeous!

  17. Love what you've done with the green planter. So lovely!