Sunday, May 6, 2012

A tiny garden in the dining room

Hello...I'm still here.  I've been jumping from project to project as I do and not quite finishing anything.  My mind is swirling around with so many ideas it can be hard to concentrate sometimes. 

One little project that was started and finished is this tiny indoor garden.  It was really quick, easy and inexpensive, my favorite kind.

I've had this heavy urn for years but never thought to bring it inside.

It doesn't have a hole for drainage so I just covered the bottom with rocks.

The fence, birdbath and plants were found at Pesche's garden center.  I was really impressed with their selection of plants and fairy garden accessories, if you are in the Chicago area Pesche's is worth a visit.

I found out about them when I was contacted by the owner, he wanted to use one of my pictures for his ad in the Chicago Tribune.  Here is our little one in the ad that was on the front page of last Thursday's paper!  Here are a couple links to see our fairy gardens here and here if you missed them.

On another note, what do you think of these huge shades on the dining room chandelier?

With or without?

Since we are here in the dining room I thought I would share how we acquired our antique table.   Mr. 65th found it on Craigslist for $75.00 right after we bought this house.  I don't think there was a picture and the description didn't say anything about the entire table top being covered in laminate!  The elderly lady we bought from said a door to door salesman came by with laminate samples promising to make the table more durable.  She said she did everything at this table from rolling out dough to feeding her five children everyday.

I loved the simple shape of the pedestal and the fact that it came with two leaves so we took a chance and bought it.  We took it to a furniture refinisher and they were not sure they could remove the laminate without causing damage to the wood, they didn't even want to try saying it was worthless.  We told them to go for it and were thrilled when we got the call saying the surgery was a success!  I think that icky laminate kept the table in beautiful condition all those years. 

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  1. So glad you checked in! I miss chatting with you. I haven't posted much lately either. We are so busy preparing for Miss Kate's graduation and all that will follow! I am snowed under!!! Love the little table garden. I still remember your fairy gardens. What a steal that dining table was!! Hope you have a good week my friend.

  2. how cute is that!!! i found an antique terrarium at a yard sale this weekend and i plan on decorating it with the kids. we are going to get some succulents and we have some cute little vintage frog figurines i found at another yard sale we are going to put in it, with some clay toadstools! :) i think i am more excited than they are.

  3. I love that bird bath with the frog in it! Never seen that in my nurseries of fairy stuff. wonder if its new this year! I just posted our fairy garden friday. That little frog will be the new accessory I search for this year!

  4. Wish I could check out any of the garden stores you frequent. How fun to have your picture featured in their ad!! Congratulations.

    Fun story about your dining room table, too. It's beautiful. I like the chandelier without the shades, but it's nice either way.


  5. Love the story about the table:) I kind of like the chandelier without shades slightly better - but it is lovely both ways.

  6. Love your little garden. I say go without the shades. And that table is so pretty. I'd just do something to the top.

  7. Your little garden is fantastic and I prefer the chandy without the shades. Great new table!!
    Happy Monday,

  8. thanks for letting me know about that flower place. I work in Niles and live in EGV so I'm always looking for better garden shops then Home Depot who can tell me more about gardening.

  9. I always think of you & your daughter when I see a fairy garden. This centerpiece is adorable. I wish you lived closer and could help me with my black thumbs!

    Love the table story and when taking a chance pays off!

  10. I love the small gardens that you create~you are inspiring! I want to try a Fairy Garden...where do you find the tiny birdbaths and other smalls to add to it? That is so cute and exciting to have your own daughter and garden creation and photograph in a front page ad!! Woohoo Londen~! I have the mind swirling problem too....its normal for creatives during high energy modes...enjoy!

  11. So fun! Have you been to Spring Bluff Nursery in Sugar Grove? Go to just met Linda the other day at school for Artist in Residence day. She has a studio inside of the nursery for fairy gardens...and I thought of you! :) Izzy and I are planning one. I haven't been to the nursery, but am thinking of taking a drive today. I love the chandeliers off...prompted by your pic, I just took my shades off, and the dining room looks much lighter. The only problem is my husband has the special lightbulbs in place, and they look really silly. I'll have to find some new ones.
    I've been so bad about blogging or checking in on my favorite blogs lately. Too busy just living life!

  12. Love the indoor garden! So cute and creative!

  13. Londen, you inspired me last year with the fairy garden you and your little one planted - now again with your urn! So cute and how exciting to see your photo in an ad!
    Your table is a beaut too :)

  14. What an adorable addition to your breakfast table! That frog peeking out of the birdbath is too cute :)

  15. What a cute little mini garden. = ) And your table is gorgeous. I love me some pedestal tables.