Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dining Al Fresco

It was a beautiful spring day today and the rest of the week looks good too. This gets me thinking about setting up the table and chairs for some al fresco dining.

This is so pretty, I would love to have a big tree to hang a chandelier from.

Pictures from Country Living

Due to the gorgeous weather, I got sidetracked on my painting project. You never know how long it's going to last here in the Midwest. It could snow this weekend!


  1. Oh how right you are Londen. You know Illinois weather...it can be sunny, rainy and snowing all in the same day. The pictures are all gorgeous and I would just love to have a big yard with some trees again!

  2. Those pictures are gorgeous and you are completely right about the weather in the Midwest!

  3. Ahhh..the lovely midwest! I am right there with you....it can be beautiful and then miserable all with 24 hrs. I would adore dining outside...I would adore a lush English garden that "looks" wild but is ever so tame and perfected. Thank you for the sweet thoughts of spring...I can not wait!


  4. I love dining Al Fresco! Just love being outside. When I lived in San Francisco...I would do that often. So stuck in side here for most of the winter. Now that weather is getting nicer, you can find me sitting outside with a drink in hand and a good book~

    Great images,


  5. Wow, that is beautiful! I love all of the yellow. I can't imagine owning something like this. I'd feel the need to wear a ball gown every time I sat there. Now there's a thought. Maybe I just found a way to get some use out of my wedding dress. Sweet tea, wedding dress, pretty flowers and a chandelier? I'm there!

  6. Gorgeous pictures, hopefully our weather will make it possibly to dine outside as well!

  7. I want to come over for some Al Fresco dining! I'll cook! : ) Love your blog!


  8. I love the photos! I too have been dreaming about outdoor dining, outdoor showers and the children's garden I've been designing for quite some time. I have grown to love all the seasons, but spring and summer are my favorites!