Monday, March 8, 2010

A Spring Getaway

We got away this weekend just the two of us and had a fantastic time. We stayed at the Herrington Inn about an hour away in Geneva.

It's really cozy and the bathtub is so big you can swim in it. We have stayed there a few times before and always have a great time. This is the view of the river from our balcony.

I love a big city, we live about twenty five minutes from Chicago, but every time I drive into a cute little town I get really happy. I was even more excited this time because it was a perfect spring day for some flea market shopping.
I found some treasures here and there and I can't wait to share! We do a lot of rhyming at our house.
I even went to Anthropologie for the first time.

We must have driven by this cute little garden center five times on Saturday. It's called  The Pure Gardener
I wanted to check it out but the day went so fast they were closed by the time we got there.

The next day we went over to look in the windows and check the hours. They were closed on Sunday. (insert sad face)

Here is a little peek inside.

It used to be an old gas station.
 Do you see all the glass cloches? I was looking for one all weekend.

Can you see why I was so sad to miss this cute little place? If the weather is nice, a little drive might be in order this weekend. I still have a little shopping to do.
Happy Monday!


  1. How fun! So glad that you guys got to get away! What did you think of Anthropologie? I have one ten miles away, so I take it for granted!

  2. Megan,
    How have I missed Anthropologie? Everything is beautiful but $$$. I will be back, digging through the hardware was a lot of fun!

  3. What a treat. Gosh, I wish I could go with you. I'm sure you're husband wouldn't mind! LOL xoxo

  4. What an awesome little getaway! Lucky you!


  5. Thanks for stopping at my blog.
    From the looks of that shop I think another trip there when it's open is def a must do!

  6. Sounds like a lovely weekend!
    That is exactly the kind of shop where I can
    stay all day:))
    Thanks for the link ~love the shoes~

  7. oh, what fun! I love little getaways. what a view.

  8. That sounds like a fun weekend. I saw a bed like that in someone's yard and it had flowers planted inside, it was a "flower bed" :)

  9. Sounds like the perfect weekend getaway. Bummer that you didn't get to go into that great looking store but chances are that would've led to big trouble! :)

  10. How wonderful that you got away for awhile. My favorite place to shop...a garden center. They always have such pretty things. This one looks like it would be a gem. I hope you can go back sometime.

  11. How fun! Glad you had a great getaway! Looks like I don't live too far from there, I'm gonna have to check that place out! :)

  12. Hello Londen :-)
    We are sorry that you stopped by when we were closed. As the weather gets nicer, we will be open 7 days a week. Please stop by again! Love your blog!
    Annette MacLean

  13. I LOOOOOOVE sweet little old towns! When my dad owned property in the Ozark mountains in North Central Arkansas, we would drive into Calico Rock for lunch each time we went up there. It was the quaintest, quirkiest town and our favorite restaurant was called Don Quixote's. Sigh....Daddy sold his property about five years ago and we haven't been back since. : (

  14. thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! i have enjoyed reading through your posts and adore all the things you have done--playroom, daughter's bed, and that kitchen island is just gorgeous, too bad it isn't working. please, stop by again.

  15. Love little getaways that involve some hunting around in cute new shops! And I LOVE Geneva! What fun! Great images! Marija

  16. Thanks for stopping by the Flea! It was nice to meet you. I wish we could have chatted more- those days are so busy for us! I am glad you are loving your CD- we'll be having another giveaway for Easter so watch for our announcement!

    PS- I am loving your kitchen redo. I too had to work with the cabinet I had...and I painted them white. In 10 years maybe I'll replace them...I STILL don't have the backsplash done. Where is that leprechaun with the gold anyways?

  17. Thanks for visiting my blog as it brought me to yours... you have a great blog, I have enjoyed looking around and will be back.

  18. This looks like a perfect little getaway! Oh what I wouldn't give for one of those ;)

  19. Thanks for stopping by again and "sympathizing" with me and my decorating dilemma! Your getaway looks really "cozy". I too love cute little towns. I get very happy too when I visit one. I am always daydreaming of where to go next. I love to drive up to Maine...instant mood booster.

    There are so many charming areas here in MA. You would love it here! I also love glass cloche's. Have left some behind due to expense. There have been some great ones!


  20. I live about 15 minutes from downtown Geneva and pass by any time I go shopping. I've wanted to stop by that garden center for a while, it's so adorable! I missed the last flea market, but I'm looking forward to the next one - glad to see you got some goodies!

    Following you, I'm a garage sale fan as well and looking forward to see what you do with your finds. :)

    -Ann Marie