Friday, March 19, 2010

Paris In April

I came across the pictures from my trip to Paris the other day and thought I would share a few. My step mom and I have talked about going to Paris in April for our Birthdays ever since I was little. Two years ago we had the opportunity and off we went.
It was a hard decision for me to leave the little one but I knew she would be ok with Daddy.

It was a gloomy day when I took this picture. I love that it almost looks like a black and white.

I took this one because at that time in my life I was riding a lot of carousals. Actually, I just rode one yesterday, ha!

I was fascinated by the beautiful old doors and knockers.

This just says Paris to me.

 Walking from the Louvre after seeing Mona, a man was renting these adorable boats. I didn't expect The Mona Lisa to be so small, only 21"x30"

It was a short trip and I can't wait to go back someday. But then I get butterflies in my stomach because I really hate to fly. C’est la vie, that's life.

Have a wonderful spring weekend!


  1. Beautiful pictures... hope to visit Paris someday!!

  2. Tres magnifique, oui oui! Beautiful pictures! I would LOVE to go to travel to France some day...

  3. My husband and I went to Paris before we had kids. I loved every minute of it and hope we can go again someday. Your pictures made me smile, you did a great job of capturing the city. The one of the boats is beautiful!

  4. great pictures! what a wonderful trip! thanks for sharing!

  5. This is lovely. I, too, have an April Birthday and perhaps I should go. I love your photography.

  6. These photos are fantastic! So jealous :)

  7. Love the pics especially the one of the door handles. Love doors, knockers, and handles

  8. What a wonderful wish fulfilled! I love your photography. You have quite the eye.


  9. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. :) I LOVE Paris! My husband and I got engaged by the Eiffel tower in May 2006 and were quickly married just 4 months later.

    Thanks for the great photos, it took me back to one of my favorite places for a few moments. I could literally go back there just to shoot architectural photos, loved the old door and knocker. :)

  10. Beautiful Pictures, it brought back some good memories of my trip to Paris with my boyfriend last year.
    I really fell in love with the city, I will definately go back some day.

    Cheers from the Netherlands!

  11. Those are really great pics! Paris is so beautiful!

    Coming over from Trendy Treehouse for Shutter Love first one! :) Following you now with both of my blogs. Would love to have you visit me as's my entry for this week.

    Shutter Love Tuesday