Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Multipurpose Potting Bench

I am loving the idea of a potting table. It would come in handy on the deck especially for spring planting. But at night or on the weekends I can see using it as a buffet or drink station. I can picture it decorated with candles and plants and maybe some wine or margaritas.
Are you seeing it?

Country Living 
This table would work well for my space and I'm sure I can find one for fairly cheap.

Better Homes & Gardens

I love these clay pots and wire baskets.

House and Home

Last two pictures from the movie It's Complicated
Have you seen it yet? It's so funny and the house and garden is beautiful. One of my new favorites for sure.

This amazing table is from Lissa @ Humble Pie 

The search is on, I hope something fabulous comes along soon.


  1. I can truly see it!!! And I will be ever so envious of you if you do get yourself a lovely potting bench.....it will be so darling...as I said -- I can truly see it.


  2. I am seeing it!
    I would also love to have a potting table (and some more space)
    Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing your ideas
    Now I go to the garden to see if I can create such a nice corner.

  3. Great pics! We have a potting bench outside that needs a little TLC...thanks for the inspiration! We bought it at Target in 1997 before Carl was born, and used it as his changing table....the nursery had a garden theme. I had little pots on it with fabric ties for cotton balls, wipes, etc. Sometimes I even filled the little tub part for a quick bath. Thanks for a quick trip down memory lane! :) I'll have to revitalize it as a bar or something for the Summer....

  4. .... I've ALWAYS wanted one ... found one with a zinc top last week ... it now graces my sunporch ... I think I'll post about it ...
    thanks for the eye candy


  5. I am seeing it. Especially the margaritas! I can't wait to see what you come up with. I know it will be something clever.

    Pass the salt please....

  6. Great idea! I have always wanted a little potting shed that I could hang out in. One day!

  7. I'm so with you! I love the entire idea--from potting bench to buffet to bistro... Wonderful!

  8. Hi,

    Thanks for the compliments on my laundry room! You are the only person who has commented on the little chalkboard paint and sign that I made! You must have a great eye for detail.

    I have not been all the way through your blog but right off I can say that I LOVE...

    Your daughters room. OMG so cute.

    Your shutters in your living room.

    Your kitchen island.

    Your attention to detail.

    Plus I think you are the first person from Chicago to leave a comment! Yay!


  9. I bet you will find something just beautiful...I can see something beautiful with those wire baskets, margaritas...much like everything you described!

  10. I love this idea. The first image really speaks to me.

  11. I can totally see using the potting table as a bar station for a party. Good luck finding just the right one. And thanks so much for the sweetest message. You are adorable! I'm following you.

  12. I would love to have something like that too!

  13. Thank you for all these inspiring photographs. I especially like the last one. I will be following your search for the perfect potting bench/table as I am on my own search for one.


  14. I have a potting shed with a bench in it. I love it!!! But I really love that first picture!

  15. I would love this also - but I've got way too many backyard projects to finish!

  16. Hey London,

    You left a comment on my post on monday and i just realized that i hadn't visited your site yet--so sorry!

    I would love to have a nice backyard that could rationalize me buying a potting bench. when i bought my house i saw great potential, but didn't realize it would be so expensive to realize my plans!! so for now, i'm stuck in limbo. :(

    thanks for stopping by and leaving a kind word!

  17. How I'd love to have a potting bench just like those you posted. Gorgeous.

  18. i love all these pics.

    we have a very rough table that i use, but i hate the location of it. AND my husband always puts yucky stuff on the lower half. i need to lay the law down on him again - no yucky stuff! ;) i think this week i will actually start my flower & herb garden. love doing that stuff!
    hope you have a beautiful week!

  19. It's my dream to have a potting bench someday...these are all gorgeous! Tracey xx

  20. I've ALWAYS wanted one. I have a ton of french clay pots that I bought at an auction years ago that would look fab on a potting bench....ahh, maybe someday....